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Why I carry…Glocks.

Posted in Guns on December 17, 2013 by Echo Lima Bravo

This isn’t an advertisement, and I accept that there are plenty of firearms out there that are reliable, accurate, and awesome…in fact, I likely own a few of the ones you think are better. However I carry Glock.

This is meant to capture my reasons, and share some information that people may not know about them, especially those thinking of buying a gun for personal protection with the intent to use it as such above all else.

So, on to the venerable Tactical Tupperware by Gaston Glock.

Stupid Simple

OK, so the average gun owner might not really care about how many parts there are in a pistol, but trust me, less is more. Less to go wrong, and less to replace. Less to take apart, and less to clean. When you shoot as much as I do, you appreciate little things like that. Taking down a Glock to clean between training sessions is easier than getting dressed in the morning, and about a million times easier than a 1911 (which I love by the way).

It is also a simple gun to operate. Load magazine. Insert. Charge the action. Point. Shoot. No extra gadgets to worry about. This is particularly appealing to someone who has decided to carry a pistol, and is interested in developing some serious gun fighting skills. The simplicity of a Glock alleviates some training steps that must be mastered with some of its competition, the most notable being the ubiquitous external safety, or a de-cocking lever like those found on other superb fighting pistols like Sig Sauer (one of my other favorites). For those with hours in those platforms, it is likely second nature, but for new folks, its nice to have less to figure out and perfect. Remember, I am talking about gun fighting here, not target shooting or bullet golf (an affectionate term for gun games and competition shooting).

Under duress, moving quickly, and behind in the reactionary curve…not a time I want to be worried about flipping off a safety, having a perfect grip on the pistol, or wondering if I am in single or double action mode. This is a personal choice, but one based on logic. I do agree that one can train to overcome anything, but with my life on the line…why complicate it?



Glocks are cheap, relatively speaking. That is to say, very few pistols with their versatility, reliability, simplicity, accuracy, and availability are available at less than $500.00 new. Even fewer will come with 3 magazines at that price, and they are needed for training. No, the self defense starter-kit offered in Gen 3 Glocks is nearly unmatched. The savings equals more ammo down range and dollars for training…and that is never a bad thing.


I’m not going to beat this one to death. There are a ton of reliable guns out there, and like any man made machine, things do break or malfunction…Glocks included. It is however rare, and the reliability of a Glock is not as dependent on external factors like weather, mud, dirt, snow, ice, dropping (from airplanes even), etc. as some others out there. Lubrication is always a good idea, but a Glock will run without it, reliably for hundreds of rounds, and you can lube it with just about anything, and I mean anything…motor oil, Crisco, chapstick, olive oil, bacon fat, candle wax, on and on…trust me…its been done.

They will feed and fire anything too. I have seriously never found a design or manufacturer of ammunition my Glocks will not eat, and I have run over 30 different types through the action.

Its not just the pistol either. The magazines are top notch too. Dirty, muddy, nicked up etc. They will feed the throat, and aren’t subject to bending or crushing the same way their metal brethren are. Yep, great design.


Plastic…nature’s best aberration of petroleum. Not indestructible, but darn close. The resilience to temperature extremes, pressures, and corrosion is really remarkable. Its ability to flex and bend without breaking is also amazing, and incidentally makes its recoil dampening characteristics top notch too, almost by accident. No finishes to worry about, save some of the internals, but Glock uses metal treatments and finishes that are truly space aged. They wear very well, and will function longer with less maintenance than all metal guns.

Its Science!


Three calibers out of the same gun…no problem. You will need some barrels, and to do it right, the proper magazines and ejectors, but if you don’t swap those they will work anyway. You can turn a .357 SIG into a .40 S&W or a 9mm in about 3 minutes. You can use the barrel of a midsized Glock in the subcompact of the same caliber if you are so inclined. But most notably, all the magazines within a given caliber will work in all the sizes below it (except for one…you G36 owners). A gun that fits in your pocket that holds 33 rounds, you say? Well, yes, but it wouldn’t fit your pocket anymore!

The aftermarket for Glocks is also quite impressive. Customization is only limited by your imagination, pocketbook, and tolerance for government paperwork if you want to do something really out there like turn it into a carbine or buy one in full auto. No shortage of holsters or carry options either…thousands of them.

You can modify the texture, length, and contours of a Glock frame for the perfect fit with hand tools or a dremmel kit. No gunsmith or metallurgist needed for that either…just self confidence and steady hands.

You can even mount a red dot scope on them…and do amazing things with it…like ring steel at 100 yards with boring regularity.

During the Fight

Glocks have no magazine disconnect safety, so if you are doing a proactive reload in a gun fight, and need to fire at a bad guy before you insert the new magazine, you can. It could save your life.

Glocks have no external hammer. Not that interesting until you have the muzzle pressed up against the bad guy in a scuffle. That may knock the pistol out of battery…click, no boom. Without the hammer there, simply push your hand vigorously into the back of the slide to force it into battery…BOOM, tap, rack, and keep on shooting. Could save your life.

They also have relatively small slide releases, which helps proper function with a high, thumbs forward grip. There is less chance of riding the lever, which is a good thing. The mag release is small too. This helps avoid those pesky mag drops at the wrong time…we have all done it…its embarrassing, and again…it could save your life.

See a theme developing? Now you know why. Please learn to fight with a gun. Please carry a gun. Please carry a Glock.


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