Reality Check Part II…Mindset.


Mindset, an interesting word. I think one often over thought ironically enough. Very few times in our lovely language, so we get a word who’s definition is so succinct. Set your mind. Plug and play. Set it and forget it. Pretty straightforward. The work on mindset doesn’t happen any time but prior…to anything. It is the work you do before you venture out into the world. Your number one tool for survival, for living.

I think most people don’t realize that they all ready have one. It is a product of how you spend your time, who you associate with, what you accept, your morality, and your strengths and weaknesses. All decision making you will ever do in your life is based in your mindset. You have to decide who you are, what you value, and what you are willing to do to live those priorities. As it relates to self defense, you must start with what you value.

What has Value in My Life?

The answer to this will be different for all of us, but I will share my own answers for reference, to help you decide. I value three things above all else. My faith in the Trinity, my family, and my tribe. I live a comfortable life professionally, and financially, but those things are accessories to my life, not definitions, even though a lot of hard work and time is spent in nurturing and developing them. I do that for my real priorities, to provide an environment that my faith, family and friends are protected, propped up, and loved from a position of security. That is it. No chasing money, or stuff, just opportunity for things down the road…for all of us.

They are why I get up in the morning. This is what I live my life for. The love intertwined in my GFT.

God, Family, Tribe.

I have a very specific belief in my life that guides my mindset. Not everyone shares it, but it is essential to my mindset. My faith in God is the center of all I value, and that brings responsibility, commitment, and peace. To the best of my ability, I know who I am, and what is important. I work on my life and soul in earnest for the Kingdom of God. That preparation is important to my mindset.

I do not fear death. Big statement, with big implications. No one wants to die, we are programmed to avoid it. Similarly, I don’t want to leave my family and friends behind, nor do I want them to leave me. The difference is, I know it is going to happen at some point, because it does for all of us. I am prepared today. If my life is taken, what I value will not be taken away…it cannot. What I value is beyond temporal, and there is a huge peace and freedom in that. My life is not my own, it belongs to God, and through love, to those I love in return, and who love me.

I also know what God values in mankind. Love the Lord your God with all you are, and love your tribe as you love yourself the way God loves you (paraphrased of course). The meat and potatoes of the Gospel. Love, service, sacrifice.

I am prepared to take life, or give my own to do those things I just mentioned, and I know my actions will find favor with the Lord. It is that simple, and yet that profound. My faith, my family, and my tribe are worth protecting.


I have spent a lot of time reading, studying, and training for the time the rubber meets the road. I am a deadly man. I have made myself this way out of love, and I will continue to better my self, and become more deadly. I have gotten over the stigma that comes from being a Christian and a Warrior, because it is one based in fear and ignorance of our purpose. Can you love yourself and allow an evil man to take your life? The life of your wife? Your children? Your Friend? An innocent person? I believe it would haunt you the rest of your days. It would me, so I train…I prepare myself.

The best thing about being deadly, is the removal of fear. My preparation has had the awesome benefit of enhancing my happiness and joy. I know I can handle myself against evil men, and that security has strengthened my resolve to enjoy my life.

I protect it to live it!



The world has different standards than I do…fact of life. There is a chance that a jury of my “peers”, will not come to the same conclusion I did when protecting what I value. I’m OK with that too. I have an attorney who understands me and is prepared to help me should the need arise. Part of the package in our day and age. I’m not Rambo, or a super hero, or a police officer, so my interactions in life must pass the reasonable man test. I have a line in the sand that I have drawn, and it is very clear to me. If it is crossed, I will act without hesitation. The results of that will be the results, no matter how difficult they are to deal with. Love requires that resignation.

I will not be stricken with grief. I will not hate myself. I will not be afraid. I will simply be. I will not leave in fear of the repercussions of defending my life lest I lose it. “Better tobacco in prison, than flowers on the grave”, as the old saying goes.

Evil does not care about anything but serving itself. At the moment I must protect myself or anything else I value from Evil, I will be a deadly and skilled force of rage.

Because I love.

That is my mindset.

Recommended DVD

This video is one of the best on mindset for anyone who has taken up the mantle. It is geared towards firearms and carrying a pistol, but the concept is universal. I highly recommend it:

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