Traveling light…

Life is complicated, to be sure, but who complicates it?


It is my own, personal, experience that concludes the answer is ME. Remember the old adage that when you point your finger there are three more pointing back at you?    Well, I took that to heart. Every time I point out an obstacle, stumbling block, impasse, annoyance, or restriction in my life, my own physiology begs to argue! Three fingers. Stoic, precise, and unyielding. They represent the false virtues of fear, defeat, and resignation.  The baggage that comes with the wrong environment.


The environment I am referring to is the people I allow to enter my life along the way, and the places I allow they to take me, or rather how they influence my mindset. My litmus test for influence, sadly, has often been “you are paying attention to me!” I know you are familiar with this “test” too, because you haven’t stopped reading this yet. So often, the promise of praise, companionship, and time spent, veil the search for substance in relationships. The consequences are small at first, a little disappointment in a time of need,  an unmet expectation or two, a few extra distractions from the things you find personal fulfillment in. But it grows. Before you know it, everything is to heavy to carry.

Negativity, distraction and drama, kill joy. Plain and simple. If you want joy in your life, you have to travel light when it comes to things outside of God, your family, and your tribe. More on those thing later, but for now lets concentrate on “distance from disorder.”

Loose attachments to people are all the rage today. Witness Facebook, YouTube, text messaging, and email address books. Now, these things aren’t inherently destructive, and networking is a vehicle for many things in life, but lets get real. How many times do I have to see “checking in at Starbucks” to realize the content of much of this social media stuff is complete drivel?! Once is too many times, friends. Acquaintances are not friends. They aren’t even close. How much time is wasted on useless information? Comments that breed hysteria and negativity? The stress alone from the pressure to respond can lead to cardiac arrest for some people! Sheesh, I need a nap just thinking about it.

I submit to you that it is a distraction. Its usefulness does not extend beyond your level of input and filtering. Time spent there should be meaningful, joyous, and strengthen real relationships. You are what you read. You are what you say. You are what you dedicate your time to. Simple truths long forgotten when the pen was replaced with the virtual keyboard.

Remove everything from your social life that does not enhance your life, your joy, your strength, and your mindset towards good things. Travel light.


I know, I know, I sound like an old goat…well, wisdom is old…look it up.



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