I love a good story, and judging by our fascination with biographies of successful people and the droves of fictional works on the shelves of our favorite stores, so do you.

Do you know how the best stories always start? Well…in a word…they simply BEGIN. That’s right, the best start to a good story is to just start telling it at all. Beginning is where its at folks.

Let’s face it, we’re lazy. Dreamers in pajamas. The good stories are told by dirty people in work boots. Those “other people”. The ones that do stuff. The ones that try. The ones that work. The ones that fail, and learn, and triumph. The ones that never give up. The ones that begin.

This little space on the inter-webs, is my space to begin…no, that’s a lie. I have all ready begun. It is more like my notebook. It is for my kids, and their kids, and their kids, kids. I want to leave a trail for them to follow beyond the trail of good intentions I typically leave in my wake.

I want them to know that life is about many things, but the most important thing is to begin living in the first place. Living one of those good stories I love so much. The ones that leave you wanting more, rooting for the protagonist with gusto and anticipation.

Its a tall order. It means I have to get out of bed in the morning and put those work boots on. I have to go get dirty. We all do, if we want a life that tells a story…

So here is my own “beginning”. For my two boys.

Never give up.

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